Your purchases at can also support Central Print! Shop as usual and 0.5% of your purchases will support Central Print through the AmazonSmile program! It may seem like a small amount since it would take $1,000 worth of purchases for you just to generate $5 for us, but a little adds up to a lot with every additional supporter! So how can you contribute? Simply follow these four simple steps, and you'll be on your way!


Step 1: Click the button

Click the button on the right that's directly connected to our AmazonSmile link.


Step 2: Sign in to your account

If you aren't already logged into, go ahead and log into your account. Otherwise, proceed to Step 3.



Step 3: choose us as your charity

You'll receive a prompt like this one asking if you would like to either select us as your charity or change your supporting charity to us.

Click "Yes", proceed through, and you'll see that you've successfully selected us as your supporting charity for AmazonSmile. Continue to the last step.


Last Step: bookmark the page (Most important step)

"Bookmark" or "Favorite" this AmazonSmile page on your "bookmark bar" or "favorites bar" by clicking the small star in the address bar of your Internet browser in the top-right corner.

Your purchases on only support us if you use AmazonSmile. It's the same shopping experience with the same products and same great deals, but just a different link that's almost easily forgettable. Therefore, the most efficient way to remember is to simply bookmark it on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or your choice of Internet browser and use the bookmark every time you plan to shop at

Now, every time you click through that link or bookmark to shop on, your purchases will contribute to our organization. Thank you so much for your support!