Help us continue to provide workshops, classes, art and education in St. Louis for the next five years!

While we accept any amount you're willing to donate, if you need help deciding on how much, we've listed recommended donation amounts below, and how each amount contributes to Central Print overall.

Thank you for choosing to support the Power of Printmaking!

Your contribution will help us provide educational programming in 2019. There are various ways you can take part in helping out our organization. We love it when you share your joy and excitement for Central Print with friends and family. Your introductions bring in new participants and dedicated letterpress fans.

Thank you for choosing to support us and what we do! If you want to become a Central Print member with select benefits for the same donation amounts, please refer to our membership page.

Every gift will make an impression

Click here to choose your own contribution amount. This link will give you the option to choose tribute and memorial gifts.

The first position in the print shop is the Printer's Devil.

Their role sorting type and maintaining the equipment builds knowledge and understanding of all aspects of printing. If you appreciate the presses and supplies for letterpress printing, consider a contribution of $25 to pay for printmaking supplies and equipment for free programs offered throughout the year.

The Compositor, or Typesetter, composes type, line by line in preparation for printing.

Your gift of $45 will build our type collection. Historic type is getting harder to find. Help us preserve complete sets of type so it can be used by students for creative self expression through letterpress printmaking.

The Printer operates the presses.

Ink is applied and paper is guided through the press with beautiful results. Your contribution of $75 will provide ink and paper for printers in the studio.

The Foreman, or Forewoman guides the activities in the print shop.

Keeping production on track while allocating time for education, these leaders keep everyone inspired to pursue their goals. With your $150 contribution we can pay teachers and studio managers to continue sharing their printmaking expertise with students.

As a Patron, your investment of $500 to Central Print will provide the studio with necessary resources to support the printmaking community.

Not to be overlooked, your support will help with the cost of all the behind-the-scenes necessities; insurance, equipment upkeep, accounting, utilities, advertising and marketing.

Central Print is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Please call the Director, Marie Oberkirsch at 314-241-1346 for more information about making a cash donation, a gift of stock, of printmaking equipment or supplies.