We've Created Our Own Members of the FLOCK!


During Rachel Simmon’s visit at the beginning of August we hosted her talk, community workshop, and exhibition, FLOCK(up through August 31st).

The inspiration for this work evolved from Rachel’s love of travel and the environment. We set-up a bird watching excursion for the day of her workshop and saw so many birds I could hardly keep up. The most remarkable thing I noticed: listening came first, watching was the reward. A mocking bird was imitating a squirrel, while a cardinal’s chirp proceeded its vibrant plumage. Rachel and I drove to a rookery of egrets and herons just a few miles away. This urban nursery was a wonder with hundreds of birds raising their young who looked almost ready to fly.

The workshop that afternoon took on more significance for me after having a day full of watching birds. As participants printed from the bird plates that Rachel brought, their own personalities were embossed onto each piece of paper that came off the press. These uniquely patterned birds were ready to join the flock and head out to their next destination. It was a privilege to participate in this great community effort. Thank you Rachel for bringing your printmaking passion and this clamoring flock to Central Print!